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Tachometer Odometer Speedometer | Instrument Cluster Tools Explained

Tachometer Odometer Speedometer | Instrument Cluster Tools Explained The tachometer , Odometer , and Speedometer are the main tools present in the instrument cluster panel in the vehicle dashboard. The tachometer shows us the RPM of the engine. The odometer is a reading show unit that says how much distance the vehicle has traveled till now. And Speedometer indicates the speed of the running vehicle. These are the main instrument cluster devices. Apart From this there any many others like, fuel gauge , engine temperature, and all signal lights, and indications that are present in the dashboard of the vehicle. In this article, I have covered everything detailed about essential devices like tachometer odometer, and speedometers. See the below image to get an idea of what an instrumental cluster panel looks like.  What is Tachometer? A Tachometer is also known as an  RPM (Rotation Per Minute) gauge. It is a device that shows the speed of the rotating engine shaft. They are two t

Purpose Of Car Headlights | Why use 2 headlight Instead Of 1?

What Is The Purpose Of Car Headlights | Function Of Car's Headlight The primary task of a car's headlight is to illuminate the area at the front of your vehicle while driving at night . Most of us know this! But there is more to know which you are missing out. If you are an automobile enthusiast or professional driver, you just need to know more about the headlight of the car . Here, you will learn the most important function and purpose of car headlights . What is a Car Headlights? A car headlight is a headlamp or light bulb installed on the front of the vehicle. It must be placed on the front to illuminate and remove darkness over the area of the road in front of your car. Headlight plays a very important role in the design and safety of a car. They must be placed at the front only, their shape and size can be changed but not the place of installation. A four-wheeler or car running on the road seems to be perfect in daylight. But, as soon as sunsets an

What Is Intercooler? Intercooler In Car Engine

What Is Intercooler? Intercooler In Car Engine In our last article, we discussed turbochargers . An intercooler is related to a turbocharger so I am going to discuss intercoolers today. Here, I have covered What is intercooler?  Types of intercoolers, their functions , the working of intercoolers, and what makes them different from radiators? What is an intercooler? An intercooler is a heat exchanger device, just like a radiator. It is found in automobiles , ac refrigerators, and gas turbines.  But here, I talked about the intercoolers that are used in automobile vehicles. An intercooler is a part of a forced induction system. A turbocharger helps to induce the air inside the cylinder forcefully. Intercooler In Car Diesel Engine Intercoolers are found in a car's diesel engines. It is part of a forced induction setup. After installing an intercooler we can see many changes in our engine. Like, engine power and mileage are increased. The engines use less full to deliver

What Is Fuel Feed System In Automobile?

Fuel Feed System In Automobile Welcome to another interesting article on Autoblogly. I have shared the entire details, parts, and types of the  fuel feed system  in automobiles. In each and every moving vehicle, the fuel is stored in the tank, and in order to start and run the vehicle, the fuel stored in the tank must reach the engine's combustion chamber. This system is available on SI as well as Compression Ignition Engines. Fuel Feed System - Automobile  The process of delivering fuel from the tank to the combustion chamber is known as the fuel feed system. In a fuel feed system, the fuel can be delivered in many ways. It means there are different methods of delivering the fuel from the tank to the engine. I have covered a little about all of them. But the most important and advanced one is CRDI. This one is currently used at present and this system can be found in each and every new vehicle. So, before going further. I want to start from the beginning so that it will help you

What is Turbocharger? Turbo Lag, WasteGate Valve

What is Turbocharger? Turbo Lag, WasteGate Valve Getting a turbocharged vehicle is exciting but before you start the first thing that comes into your mind. In this article, I have shared the topics like What is Turbocharger , Turbo Lag , WasteGate Valve , and many other short questions and doubts related to the turbocharger. What is Turbocharger? How Does it Work? A turbocharger is a forced induction device which added to the engine to increase the volumetric efficiency of an engine. It is powered by the flow of exhaust gases coming out of the engine. It does not require any additional power or battery to run.  It compresses the intake air and forces more air into the intake manifold. Compressed air is cooled down with the help of an intercooler before sending it to the engine intake. Which helps to produce more power. A turbocharger helps to reduce emissions at high RPM. It is also known as a high-altitude compensation kit. Turbocharger Construction The design of the turbocharger

Different Alternative Fuels Of Automobile Except Petrol And Diesel

Different Alternative Fuels Of Automobile Except for Petrol And Diesel Have you ever thought what are the other fuels which can be used in place of petrol or diesel to run the vehicle?  An automobile engine can be run by many other fuels. There are many alternatives to petrol and diesel. Here, you will get to know about the best alternatives for petrol and diesel which can be used as a fuel. Alternative Fuels Of Automobile (Petrol & Diesel) Currently, there are 4 alternatives to petrol and 1 alternative to diesel. However, all are fuels used to run vehicles. They have unique properties few are clean and green and few are very costlier. They are mentioned below: Alcohol CNG - Compressed Natural Gas LPG - Liquified Petroleum Gas LNG - Liquified Natural Gas Biodiesel - It is the only alternative to diesel fuel. Which is rarely used in the industry. Just for testing purposes only. Alcohol as a petrol alternative Both ethanol and methanol can be used as petrol fuel alternat

Compression Ratio Of IC Engine in Simple Words

Compression Ratio Of IC Engine in Simple Words Compression Ratio Of IC Engine in Simple Words. This is the main topic of today's post. Here, you will learn about the compression ratio of different combustion engines. I will cover important points like, what is compression ratio in automobiles ? Why do petrol and diesel have different compression ratios? All such types of questions are simplified in this article. So, let's dive in.  What is Compression Ratio in Automobile? It is the ratio between the volume of the cylinder when the piston is at BDC to the volume of the cylinder when the piston is at TDC. This is known as the compression ratio in automobiles. TDC and BDC are the top and bottom positions of cylinders where the piston moves up and down . The full form of TDC is Top Dead Center and BDC is Bottom Dead Center . Here, the cylinder is referred to as the combustion chamber of the petrol or diesel engine. Have a look at the image - there you will easily understan